Contributions to ADEE 2023 Liverpool

Topic related oral presentations:

Dental registrants’ uptake of CPD: Preferences for online versus in-person
Sophie Bartlett CUREMeDE Cardiff University
Co-authors: Alison Bullock, Elaine Russ, Emma Barnes, Rhiannon Jones

Selected oral presentations

The Blurred Lines of Professionalism in Dentistry
Jonathan Cowpe Emeritus Professor, Cardiff University
Co-authors: Sophie Bartlett, Alison Bullock, Dorottya Cserző, Elaine Russ

Posters - 5 minute pitch presentations

What Influences Dental Professionals' Choices of CPD Activities?
Authors: Dr Sophie Bartlett, Prof Alison Bullock, Elaine Russ, Dr Emma Barnes, Dr Rhiannon Jones

Quantity versus quality: are hours-based approaches to Continuing Professional Development fit for purpose
Authors: Alison Bullock, Sophie Bartlett, Elaine Russ, Emma Barnes, Rhiannon Jones

Views of dental professionals and the public about dentistry professionalism standards. Are they similar to other professions?
Authors: Hannah Barrow, Sophie Bartlett, Alison Bullock, Jonathan Cowpe


A related publication on CPD - Evaluating Enhanced Continuing Professional Development Final Report' - can be found at

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