Vancouver 2019

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Aims & Objectives

Representatives of the ADEE project team and from the GDC provided a ‘Symposium’ covering the recent publication of the Review of CPD, published by the GDC in January 2019.

A linked ‘poster presentation’ entitled ‘The End of CPD as we know it?’ was available. The main messages included:

  • Results revealed a shift to outcome-based models with an emphasis on personal development planning, e-portfolios, reflective practice and mentoring. The focus now is on quality rather than on quantity, promoting engagement between registrants and their regulatory bodies and encouraging ownership and responsibility for CPD.
  • Not an easy task for a regulatory body to base its CPD requirements on qualitative elements; quantitative ones easy to measure.
  • ‘Higher order thinking’ CPD activities exist in the most recent CPD models. 
  • A new approach to CPD should acknowledge that individuals should be responsible for their own professional development and undertake education that is relevant to their individual needs (not just ‘a means to an end’).
  • Regulators should support registrants, by offering guidance and educational tools and engage with them.
  • CPD underpins Life-Long Learning and enables registrants to remain on register; equally it is vital to increase its value and quality.
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