WP2: Evaluations & Creation of Indicators

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Lead partner – P4 ACTA.  Supporting partners – P1 Cardiff & P6 Riga

  • This WP is designed to ensure that quality assurance processes are in place for the duration of the project.  
  • An evaluator based with ACTA will identify the indicators which will be used to assess project progress and the quality of the project deliverables.  The deliverables are clearly detailed on the Deliverables web page and aim to support Dental Schools raise their profile in the strategic quality management of CPD for dental graduates.
  • The role of the evaluator is to keep the Task Group on target throughout the project by monitoring progress and assessing the quality of the outputs.  
  • The evaluator will develop appropriate criteria for performance assessment and will provide regular reports detailing progress to date, ensuring that the project progresses to plan and that challenges are highlighted for early remediation. 
  • The evaluator will also contribute to the Final Report, in partnership with Task Group members.
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