WP5: Teaching Module for Core CPD Subject

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Lead partner – P2 Athens.  Supporting partners – P3 Helsinki, P5 ADEE  

  • This is the third of the three “Development” WPs. It provides a natural progression from WP3 and WP4
  • The established guidelines for organising CPD programs for dentists, together with the identified core CPD subjects will serve as the basis for developing an exemplar competence-based teaching module (example: “sterilisation and cross-infection control in the dental practice”), which could be used by Dental Schools for the delivery of CPD to dental professionals. 
  • The development of the module will be preceded by a comprehensive internet and literature search, on the existing dental educational modules, that will start from the early months of the project.
  •  The development of the CPD module will include the content, delivery, assessment methods, pedagogy and quality assurance and will be accompanied by specific guidelines for its implementation. In addition, a list of more general guidelines and recommendations for the development of such CPD modules for the dental professionals will be developed. 
  •  The progress of this part of the project will be presented at a meeting of the Task Group in January 2012 in Athens. 
  • In addition, a Working Group discussion and a presentation will take place at the 2012 meeting of the ADEE. 
  • The outcomes of this WP will be useful to all stakeholders involved in the delivery of CPD to graduate dentists across the EU and worldwide with the aim of transferring innovative practice in the delivery of dental CPD.
Cardiff University Dental School, U.K. Athens University School of Dentistry, Greece Helsinki University Institute of Dentistry, Finland ACTA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Rīga Stradiņš University Dental School, Latvia ADEE - Association for Dental Education in Europe