WP3: CPD Survey & Inventory

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Lead partner – P1 Cardiff. Supporting partners – P3 Helsinki

  • This is the first of three 'Development' WPs.  There is a natural progression between these three, with the interim results of this WP providing the information required in the development of WP4 and WP5. 
  • The outcome of this WP is to develop an inventory of existing CPD programs and providers and agreement on core components.  
  • This will be achieved though literature and internet research and a questionnaire devised by the Task Group and circulated to European Dental Schools, professional associations and other dental educational stakeholders.  
  • A database will be set up which will provide a record of existing dental CPD programs/courses and providers and include information on accreditation and assessment systems. 
  •  The questionnaire will be used to gather views on core components of CPD and consensus sought at the annual meeting of ADEE 2011.  
  • This WP includes the organisation of one of the formal Task Group meetings in January 2011.  This resulting information will be placed on the DentCPD website (see WP6) and submitted for publication in the European Journal of Dental Education.
Cardiff University Dental School, U.K. Athens University School of Dentistry, Greece Helsinki University Institute of Dentistry, Finland ACTA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Rīga Stradiņš University Dental School, Latvia ADEE - Association for Dental Education in Europe