WP4: Continuing Education Guidelines

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Lead partner – P3 Helsinki. Supporting partners – P1 Cardiff, P2 Athens, P5 ADEE

  • This is the second of the three 'Development' WPs.  It represents a natural progression from WP3. 
  • The inventory/database will provide information required to produce guidelines for Dental Schools on the organisation and quality management of CPD programs for graduate dentists as well as pedagogic guidelines for dental educators on the delivery of competence-based CPD modules. The guidelines for European Dental Schools will support the development of their strategic management role in the delivery of CPD. The guidelines for educators will support the transfer of innovative approaches to CPD delivery. 
  • Progress with the development of the guidelines will be reported at a meeting of the Task Group in August 2011. In addition, a presentation will be given at the 2011 annual ADEE meeting. 
  • The final deliverable of this WP will be the release of the guidelines on the DentCPD website and submission for publication in the European Journal of Dental Education. 
  • These guidelines will be useful to all stakeholders involved in the management and delivery of CPD to graduate dentists across the EU and worldwide contributing to the harmonisation of dental CPD. They will be readily accessible to dental educators based in developing countries and can inform their endeavours to structure and harmonise the delivery of CPD to graduate dentists in their regions.
Cardiff University Dental School, U.K. Athens University School of Dentistry, Greece Helsinki University Institute of Dentistry, Finland ACTA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Rīga Stradiņš University Dental School, Latvia ADEE - Association for Dental Education in Europe