List of Deliverables

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Workpackage Deliverable Title

1. Establishment of a Task Group and Project Management

  1.1 Creation of Task Group
  1.2 Project Work plan and Financial Handbook
  1.3 Final Project Report
2. Evaluation & Creation of Indicators
  2.1 Identification of the Evaluator
  2.2 Indicators to Assess Progress and Quality
  2.3 Interim Reports
3. CPD Survey & Inventory
  3.1 Task Group Meeting
  3.2 Questionnaire and Literature/Internet Search
  3.3 Database of CPD for Graduate Dentists in Europe
  3.4 Agreement on Core Components of CPD
  3.5 Inventory of CPD for Graduate Dentists in the EU
4. Continuing Education Guidelines 
  4.1 Draft Guidelines for CPD Managers and Educators
  4.2 Task Group Meeting
  4.3 Presentation to a European Meeting/Conference
  4.4 Guidelines for CPD Managers and Educators
  4.5 Publication of the Guidelines (EJDE, Internet)
5. Teaching Module for Core dental CPD Subject
  5.1 Task Group Meeting
  5.2 Development of an Exemplar Teaching Module
  5.3 Electronic Educational Interactive Website
  5.4 Teaching Module Guidelines
  5.5 Final Face to Face Task Group Meeting
6. Publicity / dissemination activities
  6.1 Project Website Management
  6.2 Presentation at European Meetings
  6.3 Website Uploads
  6.4 Publications
7. Promotion and Utilisation of the Project Outcomes
  7.1 Promotion of the Project at the European Level
Cardiff University Dental School, U.K. Athens University School of Dentistry, Greece Helsinki University Institute of Dentistry, Finland ACTA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Rīga Stradiņš University Dental School, Latvia ADEE - Association for Dental Education in Europe