ADEE 2013

ADEE 2013, Birmingham, UK 

At the annual ADEE conference in Birmingham in 2013, the Life Long Learning, Special Interest Group discussed:

  1. The launch of the ‘Dental CPD Reference Manual’
  2. Initial discussion about ‘quality assurance’ and ‘accreditation’ of dental CPD – important areas highlighted by the DentCPD project
    1. In advance of the SIG, attendees were provided with information to promote discussion, which included
      1. QA of dental CPD 
      2. Accreditation of dental CPD 
      3. LLL, SIG programme for ADEE 2013
    2. A presentation was made at the SIG and a report given to the ADEE general assembly after the SIG meeting
      1. Presentation at the SIG
      2. Presentation to the ADEE general assembly 
    3. In addition, the work of the DentCPD project was presented to the meeting of Deans and Heads of Dental Schools
      1. Presentation to Deans 
    4. A presentation was given at the ADEE general assembly
      1. Presentation to ADEE general assembly
  3. In addition, a poster presentation on the new ‘COPDEND standards for dental educators’ was displayed.
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