ADEE 2015

ADEE 2015, Szeged, Hungary

In 2014, COPDEND had published the ‘standards for dental educators’.
The LLL SIG had contributed to these ‘standards’ and posters had been displayed in 2013 and 2014.

At the Life Long Learning SIG meeting in 2015 the group discussed the 2014 version of the COPDEND ‘quality assurance framework for dental CPD’. 

  1. SIG introduction on QA framework 
  2. SIG presentation on the QA framework 

In addition, a series of poster presentations and oral presentation were provided at the ADEE conference in 2015

  1. Oral Presentation to the ADEE conference
  2. Two poster presentations 

The COPDEND ‘Quality Assurance Framework for Dental Workforce Development’ 2016 is a refined version of the 2014 ‘framework’ to which the SIG and DentCPD Task Group members have contributed.

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